Welcome to The Earth Circle, a space where making mindful choices is easy and nurturing the environment becomes second nature.
The Earth Circle was born from a desire to live in a more balanced world, a world where there isn’t just a take from the environment but also a give! The community we are building is based on our strong belief that one person can make a difference. If each individual decides to reduce their carbon and plastic footprint, live more sustainably and make conscious purchase decisions, the pressure on our planet will reduce drastically.
Together we can make a difference.
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A leader in the fitness space, the youngest certified Pilates instructor with studios spread across the country…this is only one side of Namrata Purohit. The other, less public persona would love to escape into the wilderness or live by a beach, surfing, dancing and hiking every day and living off the Earth with a minimal footprint. The Earth Circle, a passion project, is a reflection of this other side, the one that loves to dive into the ocean and swim with fishes.
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